Solution for Send/Receive SMS from PC

Experiece managing a lot of SMS on PC much simpler & easier using SMSgee software

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"Which SMSgee software suitable for?"

  • PC SMS Bulk Sender is suitable when using one GSM Device.
  • PC SMS Gateway Server is suitable when using multiple GSM Device simultaneuously and has SMS autoreply feature.


How SMSgee software works?

  • SMSgee sending SMS from PC using connected GSM Device (GSM Phone /  Modem / USB 3G Modem)
  • The GSM Device should have GSM SIM card with SMS subcription,
  • The cost of SMS is as is sending SMS from the mobile phone, because the SMS is send like the way the mobile phone sending SMS.
  • We only provide the 'software', the GSM Device & SIM Card is not included.