Getting Started with PC SMS Gateway Server

A. Installing and Preparing for sending SMS

1. Requirements

  • Windows Operating System

  • Supported GSM Device

  • Installing using "Bigger Database"

  • License for the full version

2. Installing

B. Send & Receive SMS

1. Create new SMS Outbox (basic)
2. Receiving SMS Inbox
3. Import SMS from excel file

C. Phonebook

1. Create new Contact
2. Create new Group
3. Importing contact from excel file

D. SMS Event Task (Auto Reply)

1. Create new "Event Task"
2. Setting Filter

  • By keyword

  • By GSM Device

  • By SMS Sender

3. Setting "Task Send SMS"
4. Setting "Task Execute SQL"
5. View the Task Log

E. SMS Interval Task (Send SMS on interval schedule) 

1. Create new "Interval Task"
2. Setting "Task Send SMS"
3. Setting "Task Execute SQL"
4. View the Task Log

F. Integrated SMSgee With Another Application

1. Introduction to SMSgee Database
2. Preparing Database for used with SMSgee (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
3. Create new SMS Outbox by directly writing into SMSgee Database
4. Read SMS Inbox directly from SMSgee Database